worker Struct Reference

Structure holding working information for unbound. More...

#include <worker.h>

Data Fields

int thread_num
 the thread number (in daemon array). More...
struct daemondaemon
 global shared daemon structure
ub_thread_type thr_id
 thread id
struct tubecmd
 pipe, for commands for this worker
struct comm_basebase
 the event base this worker works with
struct listen_dnsportfront
 the frontside listening interface where request events come in
struct outside_networkback
 the backside outside network interface to the auth servers
int * ports
 ports to be used by this worker.
int numports
 number of ports for this worker
struct comm_signalcomsig
 the signal handler
struct comm_pointcmd_com
 commpoint to listen to commands.
struct comm_timerstat_timer
 timer for statistics
time_t err_limit_time
 ratelimit for errors, time value
unsigned int err_limit_count
 ratelimit for errors, packet count
struct ub_randstate * rndstate
 random() table for this worker.
int need_to_exit
 do we need to restart or quit (on signal)
struct alloc_cachealloc
 allocation cache for this thread
struct ub_server_stats stats
 per thread statistics
struct regionalscratchpad
 thread scratch regional
struct module_env env
 module environment passed to modules, changed for this thread
int reuse_cache
 reuse existing cache on reload if other conditions allow it.

Detailed Description

Structure holding working information for unbound.

Holds globally visible information.

Field Documentation

◆ thread_num

int worker::thread_num

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