tube Struct Reference

A pipe. More...

#include <tube.h>

Data Fields

int sr
 pipe end to read from
int sw
 pipe end to write on
struct comm_pointlisten_com
 listen commpoint
 listen callback
void * listen_arg
 listen callback user arg
size_t cmd_read
 are we currently reading a command, 0 if not, else bytecount
uint32_t cmd_len
 size of current read command, may be partially read
uint8_t * cmd_msg
 the current read command content, malloced, can be partially read
struct comm_pointres_com
 background write queue, commpoint to write results back
size_t res_write
 are we currently writing a result, 0 if not, else bytecount into the res_list first entry.
struct tube_res_listres_list
 list of outstanding results to be written back
struct tube_res_listres_last
 last in list

Detailed Description

A pipe.

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