ub_server_stats Struct Reference

per worker statistics. More...

#include <unbound.h>

Data Fields

long long num_queries
 number of queries from clients received.
long long num_queries_ip_ratelimited
 number of queries that have been dropped/ratelimited by ip.
long long num_queries_cookie_valid
 number of queries with a valid DNS Cookie.
long long num_queries_cookie_client
 number of queries with only the client part of the DNS Cookie.
long long num_queries_cookie_invalid
 number of queries with invalid DNS Cookie.
long long num_queries_missed_cache
 number of queries that had a cache-miss.
long long num_queries_prefetch
 number of prefetch queries - cachehits with prefetch
long long num_queries_timed_out
 number of queries which are too late to process
long long max_query_time_us
 the longest wait time in the queue
long long sum_query_list_size
 Sum of the querylistsize of the worker for every query that missed cache. More...
long long max_query_list_size
 max value of query list size reached.
int extended
 Extended stats below (bool)
long long qtype [UB_STATS_QTYPE_NUM]
 qtype stats
long long qtype_big
 bigger qtype values not in array
long long qclass [UB_STATS_QCLASS_NUM]
 qclass stats
long long qclass_big
 bigger qclass values not in array
long long qopcode [UB_STATS_OPCODE_NUM]
 query opcodes
long long qtcp
 number of queries over TCP
long long qtcp_outgoing
 number of outgoing queries over TCP
long long qudp_outgoing
 number of outgoing queries over UDP
long long qtls
 number of queries over (DNS over) TLS
long long qhttps
 number of queries over (DNS over) HTTPS
long long qipv6
 number of queries over IPv6
long long qbit_QR
 number of queries with QR bit
long long qbit_AA
 number of queries with AA bit
long long qbit_TC
 number of queries with TC bit
long long qbit_RD
 number of queries with RD bit
long long qbit_RA
 number of queries with RA bit
long long qbit_Z
 number of queries with Z bit
long long qbit_AD
 number of queries with AD bit
long long qbit_CD
 number of queries with CD bit
long long qEDNS
 number of queries with EDNS OPT record
long long qEDNS_DO
 number of queries with EDNS with DO flag
long long ans_rcode [UB_STATS_RCODE_NUM]
 answer rcodes
long long ans_rcode_nodata
 answers with pseudo rcode 'nodata'
long long ans_secure
 answers that were secure (AD)
long long ans_bogus
 answers that were bogus (withheld as SERVFAIL)
long long rrset_bogus
 rrsets marked bogus by validator
long long queries_ratelimited
 number of queries that have been ratelimited by domain recursion.
long long unwanted_replies
 unwanted traffic received on server-facing ports
long long unwanted_queries
 unwanted traffic received on client-facing ports
long long tcp_accept_usage
 usage of tcp accept list
long long ans_expired
 expired answers served from cache
long long hist [UB_STATS_BUCKET_NUM]
 histogram data exported to array if the array is the same size, no data is lost, and if all histograms are same size (is so by default) then adding up works well.
long long msg_cache_count
 number of message cache entries
long long rrset_cache_count
 number of rrset cache entries
long long infra_cache_count
 number of infra cache entries
long long key_cache_count
 number of key cache entries
long long msg_cache_max_collisions
 maximum number of collisions in the msg cache
long long rrset_cache_max_collisions
 maximum number of collisions in the rrset cache
long long num_query_dnscrypt_crypted
 number of queries that used dnscrypt
long long num_query_dnscrypt_cert
 number of queries that queried dnscrypt certificates
long long num_query_dnscrypt_cleartext
 number of queries in clear text and not asking for the certificates
long long num_query_dnscrypt_crypted_malformed
 number of malformed encrypted queries
long long num_query_dnscrypt_secret_missed_cache
 number of queries which did not have a shared secret in cache
long long shared_secret_cache_count
 number of dnscrypt shared secret cache entries
long long num_query_dnscrypt_replay
 number of queries which are replays
long long nonce_cache_count
 number of dnscrypt nonces cache entries
long long num_query_authzone_up
 number of queries for unbound's auth_zones, upstream query
long long num_query_authzone_down
 number of queries for unbound's auth_zones, downstream answers
long long num_neg_cache_noerror
 number of times neg cache records were used to generate NOERROR responses.
long long num_neg_cache_nxdomain
 number of times neg cache records were used to generate NXDOMAIN responses.
long long num_query_subnet
 number of queries answered from edns-subnet specific data
long long num_query_subnet_cache
 number of queries answered from edns-subnet specific data, and the answer was from the edns-subnet cache.
long long num_query_cachedb
 number of queries served from cachedb
long long mem_stream_wait
 number of bytes in the stream wait buffers
long long mem_http2_query_buffer
 number of bytes in the HTTP2 query buffers
long long mem_http2_response_buffer
 number of bytes in the HTTP2 response buffers
long long qtls_resume
 number of TLS connection resume
long long rpz_action [UB_STATS_RPZ_ACTION_NUM]
 RPZ action stats.

Detailed Description

per worker statistics.

Field Documentation

◆ sum_query_list_size

long long ub_server_stats::sum_query_list_size

Sum of the querylistsize of the worker for every query that missed cache.

To calculate average.

Referenced by print_stats(), server_stats_add(), server_stats_log(), server_stats_prefetch(), and server_stats_querymiss().

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