daemon Struct Reference

Structure holding worker list. More...

#include <daemon.h>

Data Fields

struct config_filecfg
 The config settings.
char * chroot
 the chroot dir in use, NULL if none
char * pidfile
 pidfile that is used
int listening_port
 port number that has ports opened.
struct listen_port ** ports
 array of listening ports, opened. More...
size_t num_ports
 size of ports array
int reuseport
 reuseport is enabled if true
int rc_port
 port number for remote that has ports opened.
struct listen_portrc_ports
 listening ports for remote control
struct daemon_remoterc
 remote control connections management (for first worker)
void * listen_sslctx
 ssl context for listening to dnstcp over ssl, and connecting ssl
void * connect_sslctx
int num
 num threads allocated
int old_num
 num threads allocated in the previous config or 0 at first
struct worker ** workers
 the worker entries
struct alloc_cache ** worker_allocs
 per-worker allocation cache
int need_to_exit
 do we need to exit unbound (or is it only a reload?)
struct ub_randstate * rand
 master random table ; used for port div between threads on reload
struct alloc_cache superalloc
 master allocation cache
struct module_envenv
 the module environment master value, copied and changed by threads
struct module_stack mods
 stack of module callbacks
struct acl_listacl
 access control, which client IPs are allowed to connect
struct acl_listacl_interface
 access control, which interfaces are allowed to connect
struct tcl_listtcl
 TCP connection limit, limit connections from client IPs.
struct local_zoneslocal_zones
 local authority zones
struct timeval time_last_stat
 last time of statistics printout
struct timeval time_boot
 time when daemon started
struct viewsviews
 views structure containing view tree
struct shm_main_infoshm_info
struct respip_setrespip_set
 response-ip set with associated actions and tags.
int use_response_ip
 some response-ip tags or actions are configured if true
int use_rpz
 some RPZ policies are configured
int reuse_cache
 reuse existing cache on reload if other conditions allow it.

Detailed Description

Structure holding worker list.

Holds globally visible information.

Field Documentation

◆ ports

struct listen_port** daemon::ports

array of listening ports, opened.

Listening ports per worker, or just one element[0] shared by the worker threads.

Referenced by daemon_delete(), daemon_open_shared_ports(), and thread_start().

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