alloc_cache Struct Reference

Structure that provides allocation. More...

#include <alloc.h>

Data Fields

lock_quick_type lock
 lock, only used for the super.
struct alloc_cachesuper
 global allocator above this one. More...
 singly linked lists of special type. More...
size_t num_quar
 number of items in quarantine.
int thread_num
 thread number for id creation
uint64_t next_id
 next id number to pass out
uint64_t last_id
 last id number possible
void(* cleanup )(void *)
 what function to call to cleanup when last id is reached
void * cleanup_arg
 user arg for cleanup
size_t max_reg_blocks
 how many regional blocks to keep back max
size_t num_reg_blocks
 how many regional blocks are kept now
struct regionalreg_list
 linked list of regional blocks, using regional->next

Detailed Description

Structure that provides allocation.

Use one per thread. The one on top has a NULL super pointer.

Field Documentation

◆ super

struct alloc_cache* alloc_cache::super

◆ quar

alloc_special_type* alloc_cache::quar

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