regional Struct Reference

the regional* is the first block*. More...

#include <regional.h>

Data Fields

char * next
 next chunk. More...
char * large_list
 first large object, cast to char** to obtain next ptr
size_t total_large
 total large size
size_t first_size
 initial chunk size
size_t available
 number of bytes available in the current chunk.
char * data
 current chunk data position.
size_t large_object_size
 threshold for outside of chunk allocations
size_t padding
 padding for sizeof8 alignment of sizeof(struct regional) for 32bit systems

Detailed Description

the regional* is the first block*.

every block has a ptr to the next in first bytes. and so does the regional struct, which is the first block.

Field Documentation

◆ next

char* regional::next

next chunk.

NULL if first chunk is the only chunk. first inside that chunk is the char* next pointer. When regional_free_all() has been called this value is NULL.

Referenced by alloc_clear(), alloc_reg_obtain(), alloc_reg_release(), count_chunks(), prealloc_blocks(), regional_alloc(), regional_free_all(), and regional_init().

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