NLnet Labs provides mailing lists for all of our projects, where free community support is provided. If you are in need of professional support with a Service Level Agreement, please consider getting a support contract.

nsd-users, for users of the NSD authoritative nameserver.

unbound-users, for users of the Unbound caching resolver.

RPKI, discussion list for RPKI deployment and tools developed by NLnet Labs.

opendnssec-user, for users of OpenDNSSEC and SoftHSM.

opendnssec-announce, for announcements on OpenDNSSEC and SoftHSM.

getdns-users, discussion list for GetDNS users.

ldns-users, discussion list for ldns users.

dnssec-trigger, discussion list for DNSSEC Trigger users.

net-dns-users, discussion list for Net::DNS and Net::DNS::SEC users.

If you are in need of help and you would like to post to the mailing list please try to include as much relevant information as you can, such as:

  • Operating System you are using
  • The version of the software you are running
  • The steps to reproduce the problem
  • All relevant log files
  • As a last resort, a coredump with binary
  • Anything else you might think is important