NLnet Labs is a not-for-profit organisation which specialises in the development of open-source technologies for the core of the Internet, combining theoretical insight with practical awareness. All deliverables are targeted at enhancing the open, secure and innovative nature of the Internet. To achieve this, the organisation is currently funded in three ways:


If your organisation relies on the software that NLnet Labs maintains or you want to support our activities, then please consider giving a donation. Any contribution is welcome and can be easily paid using PayPal. For a significant or regular contribution please contact us so that we can send you an invoice and a contract if necessary.

Open Netlabs B.V.

Being a non-profit foundation, NLnet Labs is obliged to follow strict tax regulation and not allowed to offer taxable services. As a result, we have established Open Netlabs B.V. The company is a wholly owned, taxable subsidiary of the NLnet Labs Foundation serving the non-profit public benefit goals of its parent, as well as being guided and managed according its charter.

Open Netlabs B.V. offers support contracts with a service level for NSD, Unbound and OpenDNSSEC. In addition to receiving support and early access to security patches, your financial contribution also supports our mission to provide free and open software for all.

Lastly, if you are in need of training or software development in the area of Internet security standards such as HTTPS, DNSSEC, RPKI, DMARC, STARTTLS or DANE then we can provide these services tailored to your organisation. We can also provide you with consulting services such as installation and integration support, as well as optimisation and auditing.

Long-term subsidy by SIDN

SIDN and NLnet Labs have established a long running partnership on technical cooperation. The first five-year agreement was established in 2012 and extended for another five years in 2017. This means NLnet Labs will be focusing more specifically on new technical developments with the potential to support SIDN's services. Building on the close research partnership with SIDN Labs, progress will be sought in fields such as the performance of the DNS and intelligent DNS anycast services.

Subsidy contract between SIDN and NLnet Labs

NLnet Labs’ Benno Overeinder (left) and Roelof Meijer, CEO of SIDN, signed the subsidy contract in 2017, underpinning the collaboration for the next five years.