Community Unbound Support

Unbound is widely used in mission critical corporate invironments. This is possible because NLnet Labs is fully committed to maintaining the software, releasing new functionality and bug fixes on a regular basis. In addition, we actively collaborate with other leading DNS software providers on functionality and security, fostering a healthy DNS ecosystem. In the unlikely event that NLnet Labs can no longer commit to maintaining Unbound, we will announce this at least two years in advance.

While NLnet Labs is committed to fix security issues and software bugs, as well as carefully assessing feature requests, the foundation can only provide best effort community support through the mailing list.

Professional Services

In case you require professional support with a Service Level Agreement, our wholly owned subsidiary Open Netlabs can provide this for Unbound, as well as NSD and OpenDNSSEC. We offer support contracts at various service levels. They allow direct access to our highly skilled developers and technical specialists, with years of experience in Internet infrastructure standards.

Purchasing our services also means direct support to the research and development activities of NLnet Labs. This support helps us in developing a long term sustainable business model, backing the continuity of NLnet Labs and assuring that its contribution to the international Internet community can be continued for years to come.

Please view our Support Contracts page for details on our service offerings.

Other solution providers

Note: Although NLnet Labs and most of the mentioned support organisations have collegial and direct relations, responsibility for the quality of the support lies with the third party support organisation itself.

Appliansys' DNSBOX combines proven DNS management software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format - simplifying administration, giving you more control over your workload, and protecting your network from attack.

Powered by Unbound, BIND and ISC DHCP Server, it can combine the roles of recursive resolver, authoritative slave and DHCP server to give you a flexible, fit-for-purpose device. It can also be used as a standalone master for handling authoritative zones. To keep things as simple as possible an adaptive web interface hides features you don't need. |

Kirei AB, founded in 2005 by Jakob Schlyter and Fredrik Ljunggren, is a consultancy company with its main focus on information security management and network architectures. The Kirei founders have been working with DNS and DNS Security within the IETF community since 1999 and have played an active role in the DNSSEC standardization process as well in the deployment of DNSSEC in several top level domains.

Kirei offers support and system integration services for Unbound. |

Xelerance offers an Unbound based appliance: DNSX Secure Resolver is a DNSSEC caching and resolving nameserver with full support for DNSSEC Lookaside Verification. It features the latest in hardening and security measures for DNS and provides an intuitive web management interface, making configuration and key management easy.

Xelerance provides first-line support on its appliances. |

Men & Mice is a leading global expert in the field of on-premises, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud network management solutions. The Men & Mice Suite is used to manage the DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management operations of some of the planet’s largest corporate networks.

Founded in 1990, Men & Mice has been heavily involved with research and development in the field of DNS. Our research-based solutions include regular DNS training classes worldwide, as well as DNS-related consulting projects and developing innovative DNS and IP Address Management software designed to bridge the gap between on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud network management solutions. |