Unbound 1.19.3 released

Published: Thu 14 March 2024
Last updated: Wed 24 July 2024

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.19.3 of the Unbound recursive DNS resolver.

This release has a number of bug fixes. The CNAME synthesized for a DNAME record uses the original TTL, of the DNAME record, and that means it can be cached for the TTL, instead of 0.

There is a fix that when a message was stored in cache, but one of the RRsets was not updated due to cache policy, it now restricts the message TTL if the cache version of the RRset has a shorter TTL. It avoids a bug where the message is not expired, but its contents is expired.

For dnstap, it logs type DoH and DoT correctly, if that is used for the message.

The b.root-servers.net address is updated in the default root hints.

When performing retries for failed sends, a retry at a smaller UDP size is now not performed when that attempt is not actually smaller, and at defaults, since the flag day changes, it is the same size. This makes it skip the step, it is useless because there is no reduction in size.

Clients with a valid DNS Cookie will bypass the ratelimit, if one is set. The value from ip-ratelimit-cookie is used for these queries.

Furthermore there is a fix to make correct EDE Prohibited answers for access control denials, and a fix for EDNS client subnet scope zero answers.

For a full list of changes, binary and source packages, see the download page.

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