Krill 0.12.1 'Safety Belts' Released

Published: Tue 17 January 2023
Last updated: Thu 20 June 2024

This release introduces two fixes for the Krill Publication Server. If you only use Krill as an RPKI Certificate Authority and publish elsewhere, e.g. in an RPKI Publication Server provided by your RIR or NIR, then there is no need to update to this release.

Firstly, this release fixes CVE-2023-0158. This CVE describes an exposure where remote attackers could cause Krill to crash if it is used as an RPKI Publication Server and if its "/rrdp" endpoint is accessible over the public internet.

Note that servers are not affected if the advice in our documentation was followed and a separate web server is used to serve the RRDP data.

Secondly, locking was added in this release to ensure that updates to the repository content are always applied sequentially. This fixes a concurrency issue introduced in Krill 0.12.0 that could result in rejecting an update from a publishing CA. In such cases the affected update would not be visible for RPKI validators, until a later publication attempt would be successful.

We advise that users upgrade to this version of Krill if they use it as their RPKI Publication Server. We also continue to recommend that a separate web server is used for serving the RRDP data.

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