Routinator 0.12.0 ‘Brutalism and Gardening’ released

Published: Thu 10 November 2022
Last updated: Thu 18 April 2024

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Routinator, version 0.12.0 ‘Brutalism and Gardening.’

Routinator is an RPKI relying party software that collects and validates statements in the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) about allowed route origins and makes them available to the BGP workflow.

This release completely revamps the initialisation. After ARIN has dropped their requirements to explicitly acknowledge their Relying Party Agreement before using the ARIN TAL, the explicit init command to install the TALs is not really necessary any more and has been dropped. Instead, starting with this release, the TALs can be selected through a number of command line or configuration file options.

By default, Routinator will now use the TALs of the five RIRs which are included in the Routinator binary. This is what most networks using RPKI want to use and means for them no initialisation is necessary at all any more. In particular, users of Docker images can now just run an image without having to perform any additional steps.

Options exist to disable the use of these built-in TALs (--no-rir-tals), select additional built-in TALs such as those of test beds (--tal)) or read additional TAL files from a directory (--extra-tals-dir).

Note that when installing Routinator 0.12.0 using a Debian or RPM package you may get a warning saying "Package distributor has shipped an updated version". This is because the --tal-dir option is deprecated. Routinator will ignore this option, so keeping the current file is fine.

In addition, Routinator now provides much more detailed information why an object was rejected and log the reason. This will make it easier to debug issues.

As always, there a many additional improvements and fixes. The full list of changes is available in the release notes

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