Routinator 0.7.0 ‘Your Time Starts … Now’ released

Published: Wed 06 May 2020
Last updated: Fri 22 September 2023

We are happy to announce the latest release of Routinator, version 0.7.0 ’Your Time Starts … Now.’

Routinator is an RPKI relying party software that collects and validates statements in the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) about allowed route origins and makes them available to the BGP workflow.

The most important changes in this release are internal. We’ve updated the processing and server logic to the advances made in the Rust ecosystem for easier parallel processing often called ’async/await.’ With this work completed, we believe that there are no major hurdles left towards a stable 1.0 release of Routinator.

We have also tightened the rules for validation of RPKI objects based on community feedback. Routinator now discards CRLs that are mentioned on certificates and are present in the repository but fail to appear on their manifests or don’t match their manifest hash. This results in these objects being invalid.

An option was added to change how Routinator deals with stale CRLs and manifests. Stale here means that they have been promised to be updated by now but that hasn’t happened. Until now, Routinator logged a warning and used them anyway. You can now select between rejecting, warning, and quietly accepting these objects via the new --stale option.

Finally, there are a few additional niceties: Routinator now can produce output for Bird and Bird 2 and all output formats are now available via the HTTP server. We have also optimized memory consumption quite a bit.

You can find the complete list of changes in the release notes and more information on Routinator on Github.

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