Krill 0.4.2 'Finer Things' Released

Published: Mon 06 January 2020

We would like to kick off the new year with the launch of Krill 0.4.2 'Finer Things'. This release fixes a bug and introduces usability improvements based on the experiences users have had with running Krill since the production launch, several weeks ago.

The bug we fixed revolves around some adjacent resources being encoded incorrectly. The fix has been thoroughly tested in production and now, with the holidays behind us, we can make this available to everyone. We recommend every user to upgrade.

Another thing we noted is that several users left the publication point of Krill set to the default of localhost. This caused quite some cluttering up of Relying Party software logs, looking for non-existent certificates and ROAs on the local file system.

To prevent this, a new CA is now set up without a default repository and one must be explicitly configured before a parent can be added to a CA. For most users we recommend that a remote repository is used, e.g. one provided by their RIR or NIR. Alternatively, you can choose to publish your RPKI objects yourself.

Lastly we have made a number of smaller usability improvements, error handling and better defaults you can read about in detail in the release notes.

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