RTRTR 0.1.1 ‘Death Metal Karaoke‘ released

Published: Fri 11 December 2020
Last updated: Wed 21 February 2024

We are happy to announce the second release of RTRTR, version 0.1.1 ‘Death Metal Karaoke.’

RTRTR is a tool to collect RPKI data from one or more sources in multiple formats and dispatch it onwards. It provides the means to implement multiple distribution architectures for RPKI such as centralised RPKI validators that dispatch data to local caching RTR servers.

With this version, RTRTR supports collecting data from upstream RTR servers as well as from JSON documents fetched via HTTP or read from local files. If multiple sources are defined, it can fail over to another source if its currently used source becomes unavailable. Data can be dispatched either via RTR or as JSON via HTTP.

RTRTR is still in early development. We are planning to add support for more data formats in the future. In addition, we plan to add secure transport channels for RTR.

You more information about RTRTR including installation instructions on Github.

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