NSD 4.2.3 released

Published: Wed 20 November 2019

Today, we released version 4.2.3 of the authoritative DNS name server NSD.

This release has log fixes, features of confine-to-zone and startup management, an implementation changes in the configuration parser and socket handling code simplifications. The implementation changes make the parser context aware, which is useful for the syntax of (future) config options. The socket handling code was rewritten to split it apart in separately handleable routines.

The confine-to-zone: yesno option from Greg Bock, if enabled stops NSD from responding with data outside of the zone the query was aimed at. Answers contain data that comes from one zone only.

The startup management patch for s6 and other service supervisors from Cameron Nemo can be used to signal readiness notification to them, it is in contrib. With that there is the new option that an empty pidfile statement (pidfile: "") in nsd.conf can be used to run NSD without having NSD create an nsd.pid file at startup.

There is fix for the sort order of included configuration files with the include: statement. Due to a programming oversight it was sorted, but in reverse. Files are now included in the sorted order. Mostly, if files contain configuration snippets of different zones, or config about different features, the include order should not matter for them.

You can get source packages of this version from the downloads page.

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