NSD 4.2.1 released

Published: Tue 09 July 2019

Today, we released version 4.2.1 of the authoritative DNS name server NSD.

This release fixes issues in the stream handling, from 4.2.0, but also earlier, in the event handling of streams.

The new statistics counters for TLS can give information about how many incoming DNS over TLS connections for queries have been received.

There are two new options to set the buffer sizes for the network sockets, this allows an increase for servers that want a bigger size than the default, which is already an increase over the system default. Increased buffer size for a network socket helps with traffic spikes. The options are send-buffer-size and receive-buffer-size, they set their respective socket options for buffer space.

When an AXFR download is in progress, to a client, and the zone is updated at that same time, then NSD no longer resets the connection, but allows that transfer to complete.

The tcp-reject-overflow option can be used to close all connections that are incoming when the server is full on TCP connections, this stops those connections from waiting for a spot.

You can get source packages of this version from the downloads page.

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