Routinator 0.1.0 ‘Godspeed!’ released

Published: Thu 01 November 2018

We are extremely delighted to announce the very first release of the Routinator, version 0.1.0 ‘Godspeed!’

In the modern Internet, routing security is becoming increasingly important. Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is a powerful component in preventing BGP hijacking. The system allows network operators to create cryptographically validatable statements about their BGP routing intent. Routinator collects these statements, validates them, and makes them available to routers to use in the BGP decision making process.

The initial release implements the basic set of functionality: fetching and validating RPKI data and exposing route origin attestations both as output and to routers via the RPKI-RTR protocol.

This release is the first step in NLnet Labs’ ongoing effort to provide open source software covering the entire RPKI spectrum.

You can find more information on the Routinator, including how to get and run your own copy, on Github.

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