Introducing Routinator, a new RPKI Validator

Published: Mon 06 August 2018
Last updated: Fri 22 September 2023

NLnet Labs has committed to building a full open source RPKI toolset to help make BGP routing more secure. This work consists of three projects. We will offer a Certificate Authority (CA) package, allowing network operators to run RPKI on their own systems instead of using the hosted platforms offered by the five Regional Internet Registries. In addition, we will build a Publication Server, to let operators or a third party publish the certificates and ROAs generated by the CA. Lastly, the toolset includes Relying Party software allowing operators download the global RPKI data set, validate it and use the result in their BGP decision making process.

To kick off this project, we are proud to announce that we have just released experimental Relying Party software called Routinator, written in the Rust programming language. Our mission is to offer a set of software packages that is on par with our other projects such as NSD and Unbound, in terms of quality, feature set and update frequency.

Note: if you love this stuff, we’re hiring!

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