serviced_query Struct Reference

Query service record. More...

#include <outside_network.h>

Public Types

enum  serviced_query_status {
  serviced_initial , serviced_query_UDP_EDNS , serviced_query_UDP , serviced_query_TCP_EDNS ,
  serviced_query_TCP , serviced_query_UDP_EDNS_fallback , serviced_query_TCP_EDNS_fallback , serviced_query_UDP_EDNS_FRAG
 current status More...

Data Fields

rbnode_type node
 The rbtree node, key is this record.
uint8_t * qbuf
 The query that needs to be answered. More...
size_t qbuflen
 length of qbuf.
int dnssec
 If an EDNS section is included, the DO/CD bit will be turned on.
int want_dnssec
 We want signatures, or else the answer is likely useless.
int nocaps
 ignore capsforid
int tcp_upstream
 tcp upstream used, use tcp, or ssl_upstream for SSL
int ssl_upstream
char * tls_auth_name
 the name of the tls authentication name, eg. More...
struct sockaddr_storage addr
 where to send it
socklen_t addrlen
 length of addr field in use.
uint8_t * zone
 zone name, uncompressed domain name in wireformat
size_t zonelen
 length of zone name
int qtype
enum serviced_query::serviced_query_status status
 variable with current status
int to_be_deleted
 true if serviced_query is scheduled for deletion already
int retry
 number of UDP retries
struct timeval last_sent_time
 time last UDP was sent
int last_rtt
 rtt of last message
int edns_lame_known
 do we know edns probe status already, for UDP_EDNS queries
struct edns_optionopt_list
 edns options to use for sending upstream packet
struct outside_networkoutnet
 outside network this is part of
struct service_callbackcblist
 list of interested parties that need callback on results.
void * pending
 the UDP or TCP query that is pending, see status which
size_t padding_block_size
 block size with which to pad encrypted queries (default: 128)
struct regionalregion
 region for this serviced query. More...
struct alloc_cachealloc
 allocation service for the region
struct comm_timertimer
 flash timer to start the net I/O as a separate event
int busy
 true if serviced_query is currently doing net I/O and may block

Detailed Description

Query service record.

Contains query and destination. UDP, TCP, EDNS are all tried. complete with retries and timeouts. A number of interested parties can receive a callback.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ serviced_query_status

current status


initial status


UDP with EDNS sent.


UDP without EDNS sent.


TCP with EDNS sent.


TCP without EDNS sent.


probe to test noEDNS0 (EDNS gives FORMERRorNOTIMP)


probe to test TCP noEDNS0 (EDNS gives FORMERRorNOTIMP)


send UDP query with EDNS1480 (or 1280)

Field Documentation

◆ qbuf

uint8_t* serviced_query::qbuf

The query that needs to be answered.

Starts with flags u16, then qdcount, ..., including qname, qtype, qclass. Does not include EDNS record.

Referenced by lookup_serviced(), serviced_cmp(), serviced_create(), serviced_encode(), and serviced_tcp_callback().

◆ tls_auth_name

char* serviced_query::tls_auth_name

the name of the tls authentication name, eg.

'' or NULL

Referenced by serviced_create().

◆ region

struct regional* serviced_query::region

region for this serviced query.

Will be cleared when this serviced_query will be deleted

Referenced by outnet_serviced_query(), and serviced_create().

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