autotrust.h File Reference

Contains autotrust definitions. More...

Data Structures

struct  autr_ta
 Autotrust metadata for one trust anchor key. More...
struct  autr_point_data
 Autotrust metadata for a trust point. More...
struct  autr_global_data
 Autotrust global metadata. More...


enum  autr_state_type {
 Autotrust anchor states.


struct autr_global_dataautr_global_create (void)
 Create new global 5011 data structure. More...
void autr_global_delete (struct autr_global_data *global)
 Delete global 5011 data structure. More...
size_t autr_get_num_anchors (struct val_anchors *anchors)
 See if autotrust anchors are configured and how many. More...
time_t autr_probe_timer (struct module_env *env)
 Process probe timer. More...
int probetree_cmp (const void *x, const void *y)
 probe tree compare function
int autr_read_file (struct val_anchors *anchors, const char *nm)
 Read autotrust file. More...
void autr_write_file (struct module_env *env, struct trust_anchor *tp)
 Write autotrust file. More...
void autr_point_delete (struct trust_anchor *tp)
 Delete autr anchor, deletes the autr data but does not do unlinking from trees, caller does that. More...
int autr_process_prime (struct module_env *env, struct val_env *ve, struct trust_anchor *tp, struct ub_packed_rrset_key *dnskey_rrset, struct module_qstate *qstate)
 Perform autotrust processing. More...
void autr_debug_print (struct val_anchors *anchors)
 Debug printout of rfc5011 tracked anchors. More...
void probe_answer_cb (void *arg, int rcode, struct sldns_buffer *buf, enum sec_status sec, char *errinf, int was_ratelimited)
 callback for query answer to 5011 probe

Detailed Description

Contains autotrust definitions.

Function Documentation

◆ autr_global_create()

struct autr_global_data* autr_global_create ( void  )

Create new global 5011 data structure.

new structure or NULL on malloc failure.

References autr_global_data::probe, probetree_cmp(), and rbtree_init().

Referenced by anchors_create().

◆ autr_global_delete()

void autr_global_delete ( struct autr_global_data global)

Delete global 5011 data structure.

globalglobal autotrust state to delete.

Referenced by anchors_delete().

◆ autr_get_num_anchors()

size_t autr_get_num_anchors ( struct val_anchors anchors)

See if autotrust anchors are configured and how many.

anchorsthe trust anchors structure.
number of autotrust trust anchors

References val_anchors::autr, rbtree_type::count, val_anchors::lock, and autr_global_data::probe.

◆ autr_probe_timer()

time_t autr_probe_timer ( struct module_env env)

Process probe timer.

Add new probes if needed.

envmodule environment with time, with anchors and with the mesh.
time of next probe (in seconds from now). If 0, then there is no next probe anymore (trust points deleted).

References autr_permit_small_holddown, probe_anchor(), regional_free_all(), module_env::scratch, todo_probe(), VERB_ALGO, and verbose().

Referenced by worker_probe_timer_cb().

◆ autr_read_file()

int autr_read_file ( struct val_anchors anchors,
const char *  nm 

Read autotrust file.

anchorsthe anchors structure.
nmname of the file (copied).
false on failure.

References autr_assemble(), handle_origin(), load_trustanchor(), trust_anchor::lock, log_err(), log_warn(), parse_var_line(), read_multiline(), str_contains_data(), VERB_ALGO, and verbose().

Referenced by anchors_apply_cfg().

◆ autr_write_file()

void autr_write_file ( struct module_env env,
struct trust_anchor tp 

Write autotrust file.

envenvironment with scratch space.
tptrust point to write.

References trust_anchor::autr, autr_point_data::file, log_assert, log_err(), VERB_ALGO, verbose(), and module_env::worker.

◆ autr_point_delete()

void autr_point_delete ( struct trust_anchor tp)

Delete autr anchor, deletes the autr data but does not do unlinking from trees, caller does that.

tptrust point to delete.

References trust_anchor::autr, autr_rrset_delete(), trust_anchor::dnskey_rrset, trust_anchor::ds_rrset, autr_point_data::file, autr_point_data::keys, trust_anchor::lock, trust_anchor::name, autr_ta::next, and autr_ta::rr.

◆ autr_process_prime()

int autr_process_prime ( struct module_env env,
struct val_env ve,
struct trust_anchor tp,
struct ub_packed_rrset_key dnskey_rrset,
struct module_qstate qstate 

Perform autotrust processing.

envqstate environment with the anchors structure.
vevalidator environment for verification of rrsigs.
tptrust anchor to process.
dnskey_rrsetDNSKEY rrset probed (can be NULL if bad prime result). allocated in a region. Has not been validated yet.
qstateqstate with region.
false if trust anchor was revoked completely. Otherwise logs errors to log, does not change return value. On errors, likely the trust point has been unchanged.

References trust_anchor::autr, log_assert, log_nametypeclass(), trust_anchor::name, autr_point_data::revoked, and VERB_ALGO.

◆ autr_debug_print()

void autr_debug_print ( struct val_anchors anchors)

Debug printout of rfc5011 tracked anchors.

anchorsall the anchors.

References autr_debug_print_tp(), val_anchors::lock, trust_anchor::lock, RBTREE_FOR, and val_anchors::tree.

Referenced by anchors_apply_cfg().