val_anchors Struct Reference

Trust anchor store. More...

#include <val_anchor.h>

Data Fields

lock_basic_type lock
 lock on trees
 Anchors are store in this tree. More...
struct autr_global_dataautr
 Autotrust global data, anchors sorted by next probe time.

Detailed Description

Trust anchor store.

The tree must be locked, while no other locks (from trustanchors) are held. And then an anchor searched for. Which can be locked or deleted. Then the tree can be unlocked again. This means you have to release the lock on a trust anchor and look it up again to delete it.

Field Documentation

◆ tree

rbtree_type* val_anchors::tree

Anchors are store in this tree.

Sort order is chosen, so that dnames are in nsec-like order. A lookup on class, name will return an exact match of the closest match, with the ancestor needed. contents of type trust_anchor.

Referenced by anchor_find(), anchor_new_ta(), anchors_add_insecure(), anchors_assemble_rrsets(), anchors_create(), anchors_delete(), anchors_delete_insecure(), anchors_find_any_noninsecure(), anchors_get_mem(), anchors_init_parents_locked(), anchors_lookup(), autr_debug_print(), autr_tp_create(), and set_next_probe().

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