trust_anchor Struct Reference

A trust anchor in the trust anchor store. More...

#include <val_anchor.h>

Data Fields

rbnode_type node
 rbtree node, key is this structure
lock_basic_type lock
 lock on the entire anchor and its keys; for autotrust changes
uint8_t * name
 name of this trust anchor
size_t namelen
 length of name
int namelabs
 number of labels in name of rrset
struct trust_anchorparent
 the ancestor in the trustanchor tree
struct ta_keykeylist
 List of DS or DNSKEY rrs that form the trust anchor.
struct autr_point_dataautr
 Autotrust anchor point data, or NULL.
size_t numDS
 number of DSs in the keylist
size_t numDNSKEY
 number of DNSKEYs in the keylist
struct ub_packed_rrset_keyds_rrset
 the DS RRset
struct ub_packed_rrset_keydnskey_rrset
 The DNSKEY RRset.
uint16_t dclass
 class of the trust anchor

Detailed Description

A trust anchor in the trust anchor store.

Unique by name, class.

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