rpz Struct Reference

RPZ containing policies. More...

#include <rpz.h>

Data Fields

struct local_zoneslocal_zones
struct respip_setrespip_set
struct clientip_synthesized_rrsetclient_set
struct clientip_synthesized_rrsetns_set
struct local_zonesnsdname_zones
uint8_t * taglist
size_t taglistlen
enum rpz_action action_override
struct ub_packed_rrset_keycname_override
int log
char * log_name
int signal_nxdomain_ra
 signal NXDOMAIN blocked with unset RA flag
struct regionalregion
int disabled

Detailed Description

RPZ containing policies.

Pointed to from corresponding auth-zone. Part of a linked list to keep configuration order. Iterating or changing the linked list requires the rpz_lock from struct auth_zones. Changing items in this struct require the lock from struct auth_zone.

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