auth_zone Struct Reference

Auth zone. More...

#include <authzone.h>

Data Fields

rbnode_type node
 rbtree node, key is name and class
uint8_t * name
 zone name, in uncompressed wireformat
size_t namelen
 length of zone name
int namelabs
 number of labels in zone name
uint16_t dclass
 the class of this zone, in host byteorder. More...
lock_rw_type lock
 lock on the data in the structure For the node, parent, name, namelen, namelabs, dclass, you need to also hold the zones_tree lock to change them (or to delete this zone)
rbtree_type data
 auth data for this zone rbtree of struct auth_data
char * zonefile
 zonefile name (or NULL for no zonefile)
int fallback_enabled
 fallback to the internet on failure or ttl-expiry of auth zone
int zone_expired
 the zone has expired (enabled by the xfer worker), fallback happens if that option is enabled.
int zone_is_slave
 zone is a slave zone (it has masters)
int for_downstream
 for downstream: this zone answers queries towards the downstream clients
int for_upstream
 for upstream: this zone answers queries that unbound intends to send upstream.
int zonemd_check
 check ZONEMD records
int zonemd_reject_absence
 reject absence of ZONEMD records
struct rpzrpz
 RPZ zones.
struct module_envzonemd_callback_env
 store the env (worker thread specific) for the zonemd callbacks from the mesh with the results of the lookup, if nonNULL, some worker has already picked up the zonemd verification task and this worker does not have to do it as well.
uint16_t zonemd_callback_qtype
 for the zonemd callback, the type of data looked up
int zone_deleted
 zone has been deleted
struct auth_zonedelete_next
 deletelist pointer, unused normally except during delete
struct auth_zonerpz_az_next
 next auth zone containing RPZ data, or NULL
struct auth_zonerpz_az_prev
 previous auth zone containing RPZ data, or NULL

Detailed Description

Auth zone.

Authoritative data, that is fetched from instead of sending packets to the internet.

Field Documentation

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