replay_runtime Struct Reference

Replay storage of runtime information. More...

#include <replay.h>

Data Fields

struct replay_scenarioscenario
 The scenario.
struct replay_momentnow
 Current moment.
struct fake_pendingpending_list
 List of pending queries in order they were sent out. More...
struct replay_answeranswer_list
 List of answers to queries from clients. More...
struct replay_answeranswer_last
 last element in answer list.
struct fake_timertimer_list
 list of fake timer callbacks that are pending
 callback to call for incoming queries
void * cb_arg
 user argument for incoming query callback
struct infra_cacheinfra
 ref the infra cache (was passed to outside_network_create)
time_t now_secs
 the current time in seconds
struct timeval now_tv
 the current time in microseconds
int tcp_seen_keepalive
 has TCP connection seen a keepalive?
void(* sig_cb )(int, void *)
 signal handler callback
void * sig_cb_arg
 signal handler user arg
int exit_cleanly
 time to exit cleanly
size_t bufsize
 size of buffers
 Tree of macro values. More...

Detailed Description

Replay storage of runtime information.

Field Documentation

◆ pending_list

struct fake_pending* replay_runtime::pending_list

List of pending queries in order they were sent out.

First one has been sent out most recently. Last one in list is oldest.

Referenced by comm_base_delete(), expon_timeout_backoff(), fake_pending_callback(), outnet_serviced_query_stop(), pending_list_delete(), pending_matches_current(), and pending_matches_range().

◆ answer_list

struct replay_answer* replay_runtime::answer_list

List of answers to queries from clients.

These need to be checked.

Referenced by answer_check_it(), comm_base_delete(), comm_point_send_reply(), do_moment_and_advance(), and run_scenario().

◆ vars

rbtree_type* replay_runtime::vars

Tree of macro values.

Of type replay_var

Referenced by comm_base_delete(), moment_assign(), and time_passes().

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