fake_pending Struct Reference

Pending queries to network, fake replay version. More...

#include <replay.h>

Data Fields

struct sldns_bufferbuffer
 what is important only that we remember the query, copied here.
struct sockaddr_storage addr
 and to what address this is sent to.
socklen_t addrlen
 len of addr
uint8_t * zone
 zone name, uncompressed wire format (as used when sent)
size_t zonelen
 length of zone name
int qtype
 The callback function to call when answer arrives (or timeout)
void * cb_arg
 callback user argument
int timeout
 original timeout in seconds from 'then'
struct fake_pendingnext
 next in pending list
uint8_t * pkt
 the buffer parsed into a sldns_pkt
size_t pkt_len
enum transport_type transport
 by what transport was the query sent out
int serviced
 if this is a serviced query
int tcp_pkt_counter
 if we are handling a multi pkt tcp stream, non 0 and the pkt nr
struct replay_runtimeruntime
 the runtime structure this is part of

Detailed Description

Pending queries to network, fake replay version.

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