pending Struct Reference

A query that has an answer pending for it. More...

#include <outside_network.h>

Data Fields

rbnode_type node
 redblacktree entry, key is the pending struct(id, addr).
unsigned int id
 the ID for the query. More...
struct sockaddr_storage addr
 remote address.
socklen_t addrlen
 length of addr field in use.
struct port_commpc
 comm point it was sent on (and reply must come back on).
struct comm_timertimer
 timeout event
 callback for the timeout, error or reply to the message
void * cb_arg
 callback user argument
struct outside_networkoutnet
 the outside network it is part of
struct serviced_querysq
 the corresponding serviced_query
struct pendingnext_waiting
 next in waiting list.
int timeout
 timeout in msec
uint8_t * pkt
 The query itself, the query packet to send.
size_t pkt_len
 length of query packet.

Detailed Description

A query that has an answer pending for it.

Field Documentation

◆ id

unsigned int pending::id

the ID for the query.

int so that a value out of range can be used to signify a pending that is for certain not present in the rbtree. (and for which deletion is safe).

Referenced by pending_cmp(), and select_id().

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