mesh_reply Struct Reference

Reply to a client. More...

#include <mesh.h>

Data Fields

struct mesh_replynext
 next in reply list
struct comm_reply query_reply
 the query reply destination, packet buffer and where to send.
struct edns_data edns
 edns data from query
struct timeval start_time
 the time when request was entered
uint16_t qid
 id of query, in network byteorder.
uint16_t qflags
 flags of query, for reply flags
uint8_t * qname
 qname from this query. More...
struct local_rrsetlocal_alias
 same as that in query_info.
struct http2_streamh2_stream
 send query to this http2 stream, if set

Detailed Description

Reply to a client.

Field Documentation

◆ qname

uint8_t* mesh_reply::qname

qname from this query.

len same as mesh qinfo.

Referenced by mesh_serve_expired_callback(), and mesh_state_add_reply().

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