http2_stream Struct Reference

HTTP stream. More...

#include <netevent.h>

Public Types

 HTTP method used for this stream.

Data Fields

struct http2_streamnext
 next stream in list per session
struct http2_streamprev
 previous stream in list per session
int32_t stream_id
 HTTP2 stream ID is an unsigned 31-bit integer.
enum http2_stream:: { ... }  http_method
 HTTP method used for this stream.
int invalid_content_type
 message contains invalid content type
size_t content_length
 message body content type
enum http_status status
 HTTP response status.
int invalid_endpoint
 request for non existing endpoint
int query_too_large
 query in request is too large
struct sldns_bufferqbuffer
 buffer to store query into. More...
struct sldns_bufferrbuffer
 buffer to store response into. More...
struct mesh_areamesh
 mesh area containing mesh state
struct mesh_statemesh_state
 mesh state for query. More...

Detailed Description

HTTP stream.

Part of list of HTTP2 streams per session.

Field Documentation

◆ qbuffer

struct sldns_buffer* http2_stream::qbuffer

buffer to store query into.

Can't use session shared buffer as query can arrive in parts, intertwined with frames for other queries.

◆ rbuffer

struct sldns_buffer* http2_stream::rbuffer

buffer to store response into.

Can't use shared buffer as a next query read callback can overwrite it before it is send out.

◆ mesh_state

struct mesh_state* http2_stream::mesh_state

mesh state for query.

Used to remove mesh reply before closing stream.

Referenced by http2_stream_add_meshstate().

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