local_zone Struct Reference

Local zone. More...

#include <localzone.h>

Data Fields

rbnode_type node
 rbtree node, key is name and class
struct local_zoneparent
 parent zone, if any.
uint8_t * name
 zone name, in uncompressed wireformat
size_t namelen
 length of zone name
int namelabs
 number of labels in zone name
uint16_t dclass
 the class of this zone. More...
lock_rw_type lock
 lock on the data in the structure For the node, parent, name, namelen, namelabs, dclass, you need to also hold the zones_tree lock to change them (or to delete this zone)
enum localzone_type type
 how to process zone
uint8_t * taglist
 tag bitlist
size_t taglen
 length of the taglist (in bytes)
struct rbtree_typeoverride_tree
 netblock addr_tree with struct local_zone_override information or NULL if there are no override elements
struct regionalregion
 in this region the zone's data is allocated. More...
rbtree_type data
 local data for this zone rbtree of struct local_data
struct ub_packed_rrset_keysoa
 if data contains zone apex SOA data, this is a ptr to it.
struct ub_packed_rrset_keysoa_negative
 if data contains zone apex SOA data, this is a ptr to an artificial negative SOA rrset (TTL is the minimum of the TTL and the SOA.MINIMUM).

Detailed Description

Local zone.

A locally served authoritative zone.

Field Documentation

◆ dclass

◆ region

struct regional* local_zone::region

in this region the zone's data is allocated.

the struct local_zone itself is malloced.

Referenced by local_zone_create(), local_zone_delete(), local_zone_enter_rr(), lz_enter_override(), and lz_find_create_node().

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