local_data Struct Reference

Local data. More...

#include <localzone.h>

Data Fields

rbnode_type node
 rbtree node, key is name only
uint8_t * name
 domain name
size_t namelen
 length of name
int namelabs
 number of labels in name
struct local_rrsetrrsets
 the data rrsets, with different types, linked list. More...

Detailed Description

Local data.

One domain name, and the RRs to go with it.

Field Documentation

◆ rrsets

struct local_rrset* local_data::rrsets

the data rrsets, with different types, linked list.

If this list is NULL, the node is an empty non-terminal.

Referenced by del_empty_term(), del_local_rrset(), do_list_local_data(), local_data_find_type(), local_zone_enter_rr(), local_zone_out(), local_zones_del_data(), new_local_rrset(), and rpz_data_delete_rr().

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