auth_nextprobe Struct Reference

The next probe task. More...

#include <authzone.h>

Data Fields

struct workerworker
struct module_envenv
time_t backoff
 increasing backoff for failures
time_t next_probe
 Timeout for next probe (for SOA)
struct comm_timertimer
 timeout callback for next_probe or expiry(if that is sooner). More...

Detailed Description

The next probe task.

This task consists of waiting for the probetimeout. It is a task because it needs an event in the eventtable. Once the timeout has passed, that worker can (potentially) become the auth_probe worker, or if another worker is already doing that, do nothing. Tasks becomes unowned. The probe worker, if it detects nothing has to be done picks up this task, if unowned.

Field Documentation

◆ timer

struct comm_timer* auth_nextprobe::timer

timeout callback for next_probe or expiry(if that is sooner).

it is on the worker's event_base

Referenced by auth_xfer_delete(), and xfr_nextprobe_disown().

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