view.c File Reference

This file contains functions to enable named views that can hold local zone authority service. More...

#include "config.h"
#include "services/view.h"
#include "services/localzone.h"
#include "util/config_file.h"


int view_cmp (const void *v1, const void *v2)
 Compare two view entries in rbtree. More...
struct viewsviews_create (void)
 Create views storage. More...
void respip_set_delete (struct respip_set *set)
 Delete response IP set. More...
void view_delete (struct view *v)
 Delete one view. More...
static void delviewnode (rbnode_type *n, void *ATTR_UNUSED(arg))
void views_delete (struct views *v)
 Delete views storage. More...
static struct viewview_create (char *name)
 create a new view
static struct viewviews_enter_view_name (struct views *vs, char *name)
 enter a new view returns with WRlock
int views_apply_cfg (struct views *vs, struct config_file *cfg)
 Apply config settings; Takes care of locking. More...
struct viewviews_find_view (struct views *vs, const char *name, int write)
 find a view by name More...
void views_print (struct views *v)
 Debug helper. More...

Detailed Description

This file contains functions to enable named views that can hold local zone authority service.

Function Documentation

◆ view_cmp()

int view_cmp ( const void *  v1,
const void *  v2 

Compare two view entries in rbtree.

Sort canonical.

v1view 1
v2view 2
: negative, positive or 0 comparison value.

References view::name.

Referenced by views_create().

◆ views_create()

struct views* views_create ( void  )

Create views storage.

new struct or NULL on error.

References views::lock, rbtree_init(), view_cmp(), and views::vtree.

Referenced by daemon_fork(), respip_view_conf_data_test(), and view_and_respipchecks().

◆ respip_set_delete()

void respip_set_delete ( struct respip_set set)

Delete response IP set.

setto delete.

References regional_destroy(), resp_addr_del(), and traverse_postorder().

Referenced by daemon_cleanup(), respip_conf_data_test(), rpz_clear(), rpz_delete(), and view_delete().

◆ view_delete()

void view_delete ( struct view v)

Delete one view.

vview to delete.

References view::local_zones, local_zones_delete(), view::lock, view::name, view::respip_set, and respip_set_delete().

Referenced by views_enter_view_name().

◆ views_delete()

void views_delete ( struct views v)

Delete views storage.

vviews to delete.

References views::lock, traverse_postorder(), and views::vtree.

Referenced by daemon_cleanup(), and respip_view_conf_data_test().

◆ views_apply_cfg()

◆ views_find_view()

◆ views_print()

void views_print ( struct views v)

Debug helper.

Print all views Takes care of locking.

vthe views tree