unitmain.h File Reference
#include "util/log.h"


#define unit_assert(x)   do {testcount++; if(!(x)) { fprintf(stderr, "assertion failure %s:%d\n", __FILE__, __LINE__); exit(1);}} while(0)
 test bool x, exits on failure, increases testcount.


void unit_show_func (const char *file, const char *func)
 we are now testing this function
void unit_show_feature (const char *feature)
 we are testing this functionality
void lruhash_test (void)
 unit test lruhashtable implementation
void slabhash_test (void)
 unit test slabhashtable implementation
void msgparse_test (void)
 unit test for msgreply and msgparse
void dname_test (void)
 unit test dname handling functions
void anchors_test (void)
 unit test trust anchor storage functions
void verify_test (void)
 unit test for verification functions
void neg_test (void)
 unit test for negative cache functions
void regional_test (void)
 unit test for regional allocator functions
void ldns_test (void)
 unit test for ldns functions
void authzone_test (void)
 unit test for auth zone functions More...
void zonemd_test (void)
 unit test for zonemd functions More...
void tcpreuse_test (void)
 unit test for tcp_reuse functions


int testcount
 number of tests done

Detailed Description

Declarations useful for the unit tests.

Function Documentation

◆ authzone_test()

void authzone_test ( void  )

unit test for auth zone functions

unit test for auth zone functions

References authzone_compare_serial(), authzone_query_test(), authzone_read_test(), tmpfilecleanup(), and unit_show_feature().

◆ zonemd_test()

void zonemd_test ( void  )

unit test for zonemd functions

unit test for zonemd functions

References unit_show_feature(), zonemd_check_test(), zonemd_generate_tests(), and zonemd_verify_tests().