ub_event.h File Reference

This file contains prototypes for event loop functions. More...


#define UB_EV_TIMEOUT   0x01
 event timeout
#define UB_EV_READ   0x02
 event fd readable
#define UB_EV_WRITE   0x04
 event fd writable
#define UB_EV_SIGNAL   0x08
 event signal
#define UB_EV_PERSIST   0x10
 event must persist


const char * ub_event_get_version (void)
 Returns event-base type. More...
void ub_get_event_sys (struct ub_event_base *, const char **n, const char **s, const char **m)
 Return the name, system and method for the pluggable event base.
struct ub_event_baseub_default_event_base (int, time_t *, struct timeval *)
 Return a default event base. More...
struct ub_event_baseub_libevent_event_base (struct event_base *)
 Return an ub_event_base constructed for the given libevent event base.
struct event_base * ub_libevent_get_event_base (struct ub_event_base *)
 Return the libevent base underlying the given ub_event_base. More...
void ub_event_base_free (struct ub_event_base *)
 Free event base. More...
int ub_event_base_dispatch (struct ub_event_base *)
 Run the event base.
int ub_event_base_loopexit (struct ub_event_base *)
 exit that loop
struct ub_eventub_event_new (struct ub_event_base *, int fd, short bits, void(*cb)(int, short, void *), void *arg)
 Create a new ub_event for the event base.
struct ub_eventub_signal_new (struct ub_event_base *, int fd, void(*cb)(int, short, void *), void *arg)
 Create a new ub_event signal for the event base.
struct ub_eventub_winsock_register_wsaevent (struct ub_event_base *, void *wsaevent, void(*cb)(int, short, void *), void *arg)
 Create a new ub_event associated with the wsaevent for the event base.
void ub_event_add_bits (struct ub_event *, short bits)
 Add event bits for this event to fire on.
void ub_event_del_bits (struct ub_event *, short bits)
 Configure the event so it will not longer fire on given bits.
void ub_event_set_fd (struct ub_event *, int fd)
 Change or set the file descriptor on the event.
void ub_event_free (struct ub_event *)
 free the event
int ub_event_add (struct ub_event *, struct timeval *)
 Activate the event. More...
int ub_event_del (struct ub_event *)
 Deactivate the event.
int ub_timer_add (struct ub_event *, struct ub_event_base *, void(*cb)(int, short, void *), void *arg, struct timeval *)
 Reconfigure and activate a timeout event.
int ub_timer_del (struct ub_event *)
 Deactivate the timeout event.
int ub_signal_add (struct ub_event *, struct timeval *)
 Activate a signal event.
int ub_signal_del (struct ub_event *)
 Deactivate a signal event.
void ub_winsock_unregister_wsaevent (struct ub_event *ev)
 Free a with a wsaevent associated event.
void ub_winsock_tcp_wouldblock (struct ub_event *, int bits)
 Signal the eventloop when a TCP windows socket will block on next read or write (given by the eventbits)
void ub_comm_base_now (struct comm_base *cb)
 Equip the comm_base with the current time. More...

Detailed Description

This file contains prototypes for event loop functions.

Function Documentation

◆ ub_event_get_version()

const char* ub_event_get_version ( void  )

Returns event-base type.

Could be "mini-event", "winsock-event" for the daemon compile, and will be "pluggable-event<PACKAGE_VERSION>" for libunbound.

Referenced by checkrlimits().

◆ ub_default_event_base()

struct ub_event_base* ub_default_event_base ( int  sigs,
time_t *  time_secs,
struct timeval *  time_tv 

Return a default event base.

In the daemon this will be the only event bases used.

Referenced by comm_base_create(), dtio_control_stop_flush(), dtio_setup_base(), and print_build_options().

◆ ub_libevent_get_event_base()

struct event_base* ub_libevent_get_event_base ( struct ub_event_base base)

Return the libevent base underlying the given ub_event_base.

Will return NULL when the ub_event_base does not have an underlying libevent event base

References ub_event_base::vmt.

Referenced by ub_ctx_set_event(), and ub_get_event_sys().

◆ ub_event_base_free()

void ub_event_base_free ( struct ub_event_base base)

◆ ub_event_add()

◆ ub_comm_base_now()

void ub_comm_base_now ( struct comm_base cb)