ub_event.c File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include <sys/time.h>
#include "util/ub_event.h"
#include "util/log.h"
#include "util/netevent.h"
#include "util/tube.h"
#include "event2/event.h"
#include "event2/event_struct.h"
#include "event2/event_compat.h"


#define NATIVE_BITS(b)   (b)
#define NATIVE_BITS_CB(c)   (c)
#define EVFLAG_AUTO   0
#define AS_EVENT_BASE(x)   ((struct event_base*)x)
#define AS_UB_EVENT_BASE(x)   ((struct ub_event_base*)x)
#define AS_EVENT(x)   ((struct event*)x)
#define AS_UB_EVENT(x)   ((struct ub_event*)x)


const char * ub_event_get_version (void)
 Returns event-base type. More...
void ub_get_event_sys (struct ub_event_base *base, const char **n, const char **s, const char **m)
 Return the name, system and method for the pluggable event base.
struct ub_event_baseub_default_event_base (int sigs, time_t *time_secs, struct timeval *time_tv)
 Return a default event base. More...
struct ub_event_baseub_libevent_event_base (struct event_base *libevent_base)
 Return an ub_event_base constructed for the given libevent event base.
struct event_base * ub_libevent_get_event_base (struct ub_event_base *base)
 Return the libevent base underlying the given ub_event_base. More...
void ub_event_base_free (struct ub_event_base *base)
 Free event base. More...
int ub_event_base_dispatch (struct ub_event_base *base)
 Run the event base.
int ub_event_base_loopexit (struct ub_event_base *base)
 exit that loop
struct ub_eventub_event_new (struct ub_event_base *base, int fd, short bits, void(*cb)(int, short, void *), void *arg)
 Create a new ub_event for the event base.
struct ub_eventub_signal_new (struct ub_event_base *base, int fd, void(*cb)(int, short, void *), void *arg)
 Create a new ub_event signal for the event base.
struct ub_eventub_winsock_register_wsaevent (struct ub_event_base *base, void *wsaevent, void(*cb)(int, short, void *), void *arg)
 Create a new ub_event associated with the wsaevent for the event base.
void ub_event_add_bits (struct ub_event *ev, short bits)
 Add event bits for this event to fire on.
void ub_event_del_bits (struct ub_event *ev, short bits)
 Configure the event so it will not longer fire on given bits.
void ub_event_set_fd (struct ub_event *ev, int fd)
 Change or set the file descriptor on the event.
void ub_event_free (struct ub_event *ev)
 free the event
int ub_event_add (struct ub_event *ev, struct timeval *tv)
 Activate the event. More...
int ub_event_del (struct ub_event *ev)
 Deactivate the event.
int ub_timer_add (struct ub_event *ev, struct ub_event_base *base, void(*cb)(int, short, void *), void *arg, struct timeval *tv)
 Reconfigure and activate a timeout event.
int ub_timer_del (struct ub_event *ev)
 Deactivate the timeout event.
int ub_signal_add (struct ub_event *ev, struct timeval *tv)
 Activate a signal event.
int ub_signal_del (struct ub_event *ev)
 Deactivate a signal event.
void ub_winsock_unregister_wsaevent (struct ub_event *ev)
 Free a with a wsaevent associated event.
void ub_winsock_tcp_wouldblock (struct ub_event *ev, int eventbits)
 Signal the eventloop when a TCP windows socket will block on next read or write (given by the eventbits)
void ub_comm_base_now (struct comm_base *cb)
 Equip the comm_base with the current time. More...

Detailed Description

This file contains and implementation for the indirection layer for pluggable events that transparently passes it either directly to libevent, or calls the libevent compatibility layer functions.

Function Documentation

◆ ub_event_get_version()

const char* ub_event_get_version ( void  )

Returns event-base type.

Could be "mini-event", "winsock-event" for the daemon compile, and will be "pluggable-event<PACKAGE_VERSION>" for libunbound.

Referenced by checkrlimits().

◆ ub_default_event_base()

struct ub_event_base* ub_default_event_base ( int  ,
time_t *  ,
struct timeval *   

Return a default event base.

In the daemon this will be the only event bases used.

Referenced by comm_base_create(), dtio_control_stop_flush(), dtio_setup_base(), and print_build_options().

◆ ub_libevent_get_event_base()

struct event_base* ub_libevent_get_event_base ( struct ub_event_base )

Return the libevent base underlying the given ub_event_base.

Will return NULL when the ub_event_base does not have an underlying libevent event base

Referenced by ub_ctx_set_event().

◆ ub_event_base_free()

void ub_event_base_free ( struct ub_event_base )

Free event base.

Free events yourself

Referenced by comm_base_delete(), dtio_control_stop_flush(), dtio_desetup(), and print_build_options().

◆ ub_event_add()

◆ ub_comm_base_now()