val_neg_data Struct Reference

Data element for aggressive negative caching. More...

#include <val_neg.h>

Data Fields

rbnode_type node
 rbtree node element, key is this struct: the name
uint8_t * name
 name; the key
size_t len
 length of name
int labs
 labels in name
struct val_neg_dataparent
 pointer to parent node in the negative cache
int count
 the number of elements, including this one and the ones whose parents (-parents) include this one, that are in use No elements have a count of zero, those are removed.
struct val_neg_zonezone
 the zone that this denial is part of
struct val_neg_dataprev
 previous in LRU
struct val_neg_datanext
 next in LRU (next element was less recently used)
uint8_t in_use
 if this element is in use, boolean

Detailed Description

Data element for aggressive negative caching.

The tree of these elements acts as an index onto the rrset cache. It shows the NSEC records that (may) exist and are (possibly) secure. The rbtree allows for logN search for a covering NSEC record. To make tree insertion and deletion logN too, all the parent (one label less than the name) data elements are also in the rbtree, with a usage count for every data element. There is no actual data stored in this data element, if it is in_use, then the data can (possibly) be found in the rrset cache.

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