val_neg_zone Struct Reference

Per Zone aggressive negative caching data. More...

#include <val_neg.h>

Data Fields

rbnode_type node
 rbtree node element, key is this struct: the name, class
uint8_t * name
 name; the key
size_t len
 length of name
int labs
 labels in name
struct val_neg_zoneparent
 pointer to parent zone in the negative cache
int count
 the number of elements, including this one and the ones whose parents (-parents) include this one, that are in_use No elements have a count of zero, those are removed.
int nsec3_hash
 if 0: NSEC zone, else NSEC3 hash algorithm in use
size_t nsec3_iter
 nsec3 iteration count in use
uint8_t * nsec3_salt
 nsec3 salt in use
size_t nsec3_saltlen
 length of salt in bytes
rbtree_type tree
 tree of NSEC data for this zone, sorted canonical by NSEC owner name
uint16_t dclass
 class of node; host order
uint8_t in_use
 if this element is in use, boolean

Detailed Description

Per Zone aggressive negative caching data.

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