pending_tcp Struct Reference

Pending TCP query to server. More...

#include <outside_network.h>

Data Fields

struct pending_tcpnext_free
 next in list of free tcp comm points, or NULL.
struct port_ifpi
 port for of the outgoing interface that is used
struct comm_pointc
 tcp comm point it was sent on (and reply must come back on).
struct waiting_tcpquery
 the query being serviced, NULL if the pending_tcp is unused.
struct reuse_tcp reuse
 the pre-allocated reuse tcp structure. More...

Detailed Description

Pending TCP query to server.

Field Documentation

◆ reuse

struct reuse_tcp pending_tcp::reuse

the pre-allocated reuse tcp structure.

if ->pending is nonNULL it is in use and the connection is waiting for reuse. It is here for memory pre-allocation, and used to make this pending_tcp wait for reuse.

Referenced by decommission_pending_tcp(), outnet_tcp_cb(), outside_network_delete(), reuse_cb_and_decommission(), reuse_tcp_find(), reuse_tcp_insert(), reuse_tcp_remove_serviced_keep(), reuse_tcp_setup_read_and_timeout(), reuse_tcp_setup_timeout(), reuse_tree_by_id_delete(), serviced_delete(), and tcpid_test().

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