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[Unbound-users] problem with forward zone?

Casey Stone
Tue Aug 13 00:50:21 CEST 2013

Update: Unbound is actually not forwarding at all.

On the local machine I had my resolver set to so it went directly to dnscrypt-proxy. Changing resolv.conf back to results in all requests going through the normal lookup process, not to dnscrypt-proxy.

I have even tried now with the recommended setup on the page running dnscrypt on and this unbound conf:

        access-control: allow
        logfile: "/var/log/unbound.log"
        log-time-ascii: yes
        module-config: "iterator"
        do-not-query-localhost: no

       name: "."
       forward-addr: at 40
       forward-first: no

-----again, my version info is: Unbound 1.4.19 running on Ubuntu 13.04 server------

Any suggestions? Thank you.