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[Unbound-users] unbound daemon linking bug?

Paul Wouters
Mon Oct 31 06:21:32 CET 2011

On Sat, 29 Oct 2011, Robert Edmonds wrote:

> Paul Wouters wrote:
>> I don't think there is a valid reason for the unbound daemon not
>> to link against the unbound library instead of including a static
>> copy.
> actually, i can think of a reason: so that the unbound daemon can use
> more "advanced" options (external event library, python integration)
> while the libunbound library doesn't.  in fact, i've just uploaded a new
> version of the debian unbound package that minimizes the library
> dependencies of libunbound while leaving unbound unchanged.
> e.g., if libunbound dynamically links against libev, you cannot
> dynamically link an executable against libunbound and libevent, since
> the symbols in libev and libevent would conflict.  (i think there is
> also a similar possibility with libpython2.6 / libpython2.7, but i
> believe libssl0.9.8 / libssl1.0.0 aren't affected because libssl uses
> versioned symbols.)

I see your point, but I'm not sure how packaging would deal with that,
other then maintaining two different compiles of libunbound on the same
system - and maintaining the "static" copy inside the daemon.

For Fedora/RHEL, I've added a hard Requires: so that the libs and the
daemon package will never be of a different version.