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[Unbound-users] unbound daemon linking bug?

Robert Edmonds
Sun Oct 30 01:29:05 CEST 2011

Paul Wouters wrote:
> I don't think there is a valid reason for the unbound daemon not
> to link against the unbound library instead of including a static
> copy.

actually, i can think of a reason: so that the unbound daemon can use
more "advanced" options (external event library, python integration)
while the libunbound library doesn't.  in fact, i've just uploaded a new
version of the debian unbound package that minimizes the library
dependencies of libunbound while leaving unbound unchanged.

e.g., if libunbound dynamically links against libev, you cannot
dynamically link an executable against libunbound and libevent, since
the symbols in libev and libevent would conflict.  (i think there is
also a similar possibility with libpython2.6 / libpython2.7, but i
believe libssl0.9.8 / libssl1.0.0 aren't affected because libssl uses
versioned symbols.)

Robert Edmonds
edmonds at