unitdname.c File Reference

Calls dname unit tests. More...

#include "config.h"
#include "util/log.h"
#include "testcode/unitmain.h"
#include "util/data/dname.h"
#include "sldns/sbuffer.h"
#include "sldns/str2wire.h"


static sldns_bufferdname_to_buf (sldns_buffer *b, const char *str)
 put dname into buffer
static void dname_test_qdl (sldns_buffer *buff)
 test query_dname_len function
static void dname_test_qdtl (sldns_buffer *buff)
 test query_dname_tolower
static void dname_test_query_dname_compare (void)
 test query_dname_compare
static void dname_test_count_labels (void)
 test dname_count_labels
static void dname_test_count_size_labels (void)
 test dname_count_size_labels
static void dname_test_pkt_dname_len (sldns_buffer *buff)
 test pkt_dname_len
static void dname_test_dname_lab_cmp (void)
 test dname_lab_cmp
static void dname_test_subdomain (void)
 test dname_subdomain_c
static void dname_test_strict_subdomain (void)
 test dname_strict_subdomain
static void dname_test_isroot (void)
 test dname_is_root
static void dname_test_removelabel (void)
 test dname_remove_label
static void dname_test_sigcount (void)
 test dname_signame_label_count
static void dname_test_iswild (void)
 test dname_is_wild routine
static void dname_test_canoncmp (void)
 test dname_canonical_compare
static void dname_test_topdomain (void)
 Test dname_get_shared_topdomain.
static void dname_test_valid (void)
 Test dname_valid.
static void dname_test_has_label (void)
 Test dname_has_label.
static void dname_test_pdtl (sldns_buffer *loopbuf, sldns_buffer *boundbuf)
 test pkt_dname_tolower
static void dname_setup_bufs (sldns_buffer *loopbuf, sldns_buffer *boundbuf)
 setup looped dname and out-of-bounds dname ptr
void dname_test (void)
 unit test dname handling functions

Detailed Description

Calls dname unit tests.

Exits with code 1 on a failure.