perfinfo Struct Reference

Global info for perf. More...

Data Fields

volatile int exit
 need to exit
 all purpose buffer (for UDP send and receive)
struct sockaddr_storage dest
socklen_t destlen
 length of dest socket addr
struct timeval since
 when did this time slice start
size_t numrecv
 number of queries received in that time
size_t numsent
 number of queries sent out in that time
int duration
 duration of test in seconds
int quiet
 quiet mode?
struct timeval start
 when did the total test start
size_t total_recv
 total number recvd
size_t total_sent
 total number sent
size_t by_rcode [32]
 numbers by rcode
size_t io_num
 number of I/O ports
struct perfioio
 I/O ports array.
int maxfd
 max fd value in io ports
fd_set rset
size_t qlist_size
 size of querylist
size_t qlist_capacity
 allocated size of qlist array
uint8_t ** qlist_data
 list of query packets (data)
size_t * qlist_len
 list of query packets (length of a packet)
size_t qlist_idx
 index into querylist, for walking the list

Detailed Description

Global info for perf.

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