lruhash Struct Reference

Hash table that keeps LRU list of entries. More...

#include <lruhash.h>

Data Fields

lock_quick_type lock
 lock for exclusive access, to the lookup array
lruhash_sizefunc_type sizefunc
 the size function for entries in this table
lruhash_compfunc_type compfunc
 the compare function for entries in this table.
lruhash_delkeyfunc_type delkeyfunc
 how to delete keys.
lruhash_deldatafunc_type deldatafunc
 how to delete data.
lruhash_markdelfunc_type markdelfunc
 how to mark a key pending deletion
void * cb_arg
 user argument for user functions
size_t size
 the size of the lookup array
int size_mask
 size bitmask - since size is a power of 2
struct lruhash_binarray
 lookup array of bins
struct lruhash_entrylru_start
 the lru list, start and end, noncyclical double linked list.
struct lruhash_entrylru_end
 lru list end item (least recently used)
size_t num
 the number of entries in the hash table.
size_t space_used
 the amount of space used, roughly the number of bytes in use.
size_t space_max
 the amount of space the hash table is maximally allowed to use.
size_t max_collisions
 the maximum collisions were detected during the lruhash_insert operations.

Detailed Description

Hash table that keeps LRU list of entries.

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