key_entry_data Struct Reference

Key entry for the validator. More...

#include <val_kentry.h>

Data Fields

time_t ttl
 the TTL of this entry (absolute time)
struct packed_rrset_datarrset_data
 the key rrdata. More...
char * reason
 not NULL sometimes to give reason why bogus
sldns_ede_code reason_bogus
 not NULL to give reason why bogus
uint8_t * algo
 list of algorithms signalled, ends with 0, or NULL
uint16_t rrset_type
 DNS RR type of the rrset data (host order)
uint8_t isbad
 if the key is bad: Bogus or malformed

Detailed Description

Key entry for the validator.

Contains key status. This is the data part for the cache, the key entry data.

Can be in three basic states: isbad=0: good key isbad=1: bad key isbad=0 && rrset=0: insecure space.

Field Documentation

◆ rrset_data

struct packed_rrset_data* key_entry_data::rrset_data

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