iter_hints Struct Reference

Iterator hints structure. More...

#include <iter_hints.h>

Data Fields

lock_rw_type lock
 lock on the forwards tree. More...
rbtree_type tree
 Hints are stored in this tree. More...

Detailed Description

Iterator hints structure.

Field Documentation

◆ lock

lock_rw_type iter_hints::lock

lock on the forwards tree.

When grabbing both this lock and the anchors.lock, this lock is grabbed first.

Referenced by hints_add_stub(), hints_apply_cfg(), hints_create(), hints_delete(), hints_delete_stub(), hints_find(), hints_get_mem(), hints_lookup_stub(), hints_next_root(), iter_get_next_root(), iter_stub_fwd_no_cache(), prime_root(), and prime_stub().

◆ tree

rbtree_type iter_hints::tree

Hints are stored in this tree.

Sort order is specially chosen. first sorted on qclass. Then on dname in nsec-like order, so that a lookup on class, name will return an exact match or the closest match which gives the ancestor needed. contents of type iter_hints_stub. The class IN root is in here. uses name_tree_node from dnstree.h.

Referenced by hints_add_stub(), hints_create(), hints_delete_stub(), hints_find(), hints_get_mem(), hints_insert(), hints_lookup_stub(), and hints_next_root().

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