entry Struct Reference

data structure to keep the canned queries in. More...

#include <testpkts.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t match_opcode
 match query opcode with answer opcode
uint8_t match_qtype
 match qtype with answer qtype
uint8_t match_qname
 match qname with answer qname
uint8_t match_rcode
 match rcode with answer rcode
uint8_t match_question
 match question section
uint8_t match_answer
 match answer section
uint8_t match_subdomain
 match qname as subdomain of answer qname
uint8_t match_serial
 match SOA serial number, from auth section
uint8_t match_ede
 match EDNS EDE info-code
uint8_t match_ede_any
 match any EDNS EDE info-code
uint8_t match_all
 match all of the packet
uint8_t match_all_noedns
 match all of the packet; ignore EDNS
uint8_t match_ttl
 match ttls in the packet
uint8_t match_do
 match DO bit
uint8_t match_noedns
 match absence of EDNS OPT record in query
uint8_t match_ednsdata_raw
 match edns data field given in hex
uint8_t match_client_cookie
 match an DNS cookie of length 8
uint8_t match_server_cookie
 match an DNS cookie of length 24
uint32_t ixfr_soa_serial
 match query serial with this value.
enum transport_type match_transport
 match on UDP/TCP
uint16_t ede_info_code
 match EDNS EDE info-code with this value.
struct reply_packetreply_list
 pre canned reply
uint8_t copy_id
 how to adjust the reply packet More...
uint8_t copy_query
 copy the query nametypeclass from query into the answer
uint8_t copy_ednsdata_assume_clientsubnet
 copy ednsdata to reply, assume it is clientsubnet and adjust scopemask to match sourcemask
uint8_t increment_ecs_scope
 increment the ECS scope copied from the sourcemask by one
unsigned int sleeptime
 in seconds
int lineno
 some number that names this entry, line number in file or so
struct entrynext
 next in list

Detailed Description

data structure to keep the canned queries in.

format is the 'matching query' and the 'canned answer'

Field Documentation

◆ copy_id

uint8_t entry::copy_id

how to adjust the reply packet

copy over the ID from the query into the answer

Referenced by adjustline(), and run_scenario().

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