config_auth Struct Reference

Auth config options. More...

#include <config_file.h>

Data Fields

struct config_authnext
 next in list
char * name
 domain name (in text) of the auth apex domain
struct config_strlistmasters
 list of masters
struct config_strlisturls
 list of urls
struct config_strlistallow_notify
 list of allow-notify
char * zonefile
 zonefile (or NULL)
int for_downstream
 provide downstream answers
int for_upstream
 provide upstream answers
int fallback_enabled
 fallback to recursion to authorities if zone expired and other reasons perhaps (like, query bogus)
int isrpz
 this zone is used to create local-zone policies
uint8_t * rpz_taglist
 rpz tags (or NULL)
size_t rpz_taglistlen
 length of the taglist (in bytes)
char * rpz_action_override
 Override RPZ action for this zone, regardless of zone content.
int rpz_log
 Log when this RPZ policy is applied.
char * rpz_log_name
 Display this name in the log when RPZ policy is applied.
char * rpz_cname
 Always reply with this CNAME target if the cname override action is used.
int rpz_signal_nxdomain_ra
 signal nxdomain block with unset RA
int zonemd_check
 Check ZONEMD records for this zone.
int zonemd_reject_absence
 Reject absence of ZONEMD records, zone must have one.

Detailed Description

Auth config options.

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